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Youngstown-Warren Business and Education Community Connectors

Community Connectors is collaborative effort in the Valley aimed at making students in 11th and 12th grades workforce ready by matching them with jobs and mentors and providing job shadowing, internship and externship opportunities, all within the local business community. Students in the program will learn basic job skills such as resume writing, interviewing techniques, time management, team collaboration and appropriate dress for the workplace. In the current 2017-2018 school year, Austintown Local Schools will be participating in the Community Connectors program.  Previously, both Youngstown City Schools and Warren City Schools were involved in the initiative.

In 2014, Ohio Governor John Kasich designated a new program to bring together families, community organizations, faith-based organizations, businesses and others in support of Ohio's students. Community Connectors provides $10 million in three-to-one matching grants to pair more students with role models who can help motivate and inspire them, as well as help them develop skills that lead to success in school and the workplace.

The goal of Community Connectors is to help students:
  • Set goals to be prepared for 21st-century careers,
  • Build character,
  • Develop pathways to achievement,
  • Build a sense of resiliency,
  • and Believe in a positive future.
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The Regional Chamber’s Community Connectors 2016-2017 program which ended May 2017, was a great success. Thirty-two of the 43 students participating from the Warren City Schools have already been placed in job opportunities, and the director of that program is focused on identifying students’ interests and has coordinated with the Chamber to identify businesses that match those interests. In Youngstown, 150 of 150students have been placed in job opportunities. While we are seeking funding to continue the programs in Youngstown and Warren, we excited to bring the initiative to the Austintown schools and hope to expand into additional school districts surrounding the metro cities.

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