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Workers compensation MCO services

We are proud to announce our new partnership with CorVel, a national provider of innovative risk management services, presented by local Mahoning valley agents Alberini and Emanuel Benefit Solutions.

Through this new partnership, CorVel Ohio MCO becomes our preferred provider of Ohio BWC managed care services. CorVel Ohio MCO provides an active local presence in the Valley, backed by national resources. Managed Care Organizations (MCO) and Third Party Administrators (TPA) have different roles and share a common goal to assist the Injured Worker in return to work. Managed Care Organizations originated in the Ohio Workers’ Compensation system in 1997 as a result of the Health Partnership Program (HPP). Every employer in Ohio must have an MCO, which is paid for directly by Ohio BWC. Managed Care Organizations are responsible for the medical management of Ohio Employers’ work ‐ related injuries and illnesses.

Some employers who are represented by a TPA believe they must choose an associated MCO, which is a common misconception. Many employers choose their TPA’s associated MCO, because they feel it is more convenient, but sometimes this might be counterproductive. Often, selecting an independent TPA and an independent MCO provides an employer with more information and accountability to manage a claim. In today’s fast paced world of making decisions, it is so important for employers to be educated from multiple sources. CorVel Ohio MCO celebrates their independence and works successfully with ALL state fund TPA’s.

In today’s cost-conscious environment, smart strategies for workplace injuries are more important than ever. CorVel helps employers control workers compensation costs and achieve better outcomes. They offer creative solutions based on your organization’s needs to reduce the impact of work - related claims, while delivering improved care to injured workers, enhancing their quality of life at work and at home.


  • "CorVel’s single point of contact provides us the personal one on one approach to workers comp that we need.  We have found that one of the keys to help us control our claims costs is the close working relationship with CorVel and our registered nurse who manages our claims." - Blaise Karlovic, Treasurer, Mahoning County Educational Service Center

  • "We selected CorVel because they are an independent MCO.  They are not affiliated with any TPA (Third Party Administrator).  We think it is so important to have an independent MCO that has no ownership with a TPA.  We feel this provides us the advantage of having multiple eyes review our workers comp challenges.  If I have a problem I can go to CorVel and they will not stop until they solve the problem." - Mike Wasser, Executive Director Business Operations, Warren City Schools

  • "A good business partner is one that listens to you, one that you can depend on, and one that when you give them suggestions they run with the suggestion and you see results. Nobody does this better than CorVel." - Lynn Leetch, McDonald Steel

  • "We feel that CorVel provides comprehensive, professional and high quality medical billing services and auditing. This is very important for our organization as we continually strive to maintain and control workers compensation costs. I have really enjoyed working with CorVel and our Account Representative, Chris Roberts. The single point of contact with CorVel makes it easy to get the service that we need." - Danielle Lazor, Human Resource Officer, Compass Family & Community Services

To learn more, contact Becky Litowitz, Customer Service Manager at the Regional Chamber at