COVID-19 has brought life as we know it to a screeching halt, as Valley residents shelter in place, numerous businesses have closed and we await word that the crisis has passed. When that day comes, 

We Will EMERGE, stronger and better... together

Until then, the team at the Youngstown/Warren Regional Chamber is committed to providing our business community with the resources needed to EMERGE and recover from this crisis, successfully. We have been monitoring and communicating information associated with COVID-19 to help businesses navigate through all that is out there at the state and national levels and created a COVID-19 resources page to keep businesses informed, especially as new information is released daily.

Now, with the support of the Regional Chamber's Board of Directors, led by Chair Don Kline—president of the Great Lakes Group for Mercy Health—we stand ready to open our virtual doors to any business, free of charge, that needs assistance with topics ranging from SBA loans and tax information, to laws governing unemployment and interpreting state and national orders. Our team can directly assist with a variety of needs, while members of our Board and other experts are offering additional insight as chairs for each of our teams.

COVID-19 Resources

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As the Regional Chamber continues to help businesses EMERGE through the COVID-19 crisis, we are grateful to longtime partner WKBN/WYTV and President and General Manager David Coy and his team for creating this spot, to begin airing April 14. Through their support, we can reach a much greater audience in our Valley and many businesses that may need assistance during this challenging time.



The Finance team is available to support businesses in navigating the financial resources that have been made available through local, state and federal governments, as well as private lending institutions, and is committed to presenting any additional resources that are yet to be released.


Lauren Johnson, Manager of Business Development  //  330-774-9579  //  lauren@regionalchamber.com

Ted Schmidt, Regional President, The PNC Financial Services Group 

The Accounting Team can offer assistance on matters such as tax information, filing deadlines, taxing jurisdictions when working from home and more.                                                   


Kathy Gierlach, CFO //  724-944-0454  //  kathy@regionalchamber.com

James Dascenzo, Partner, HBK

The Insurance team has access to experts in the field who can answer questions about COVID healthcare coverage, deferral of premiums, employee assistance programs, online/telehealth services, workers' compensation, etc.


Becky Litowitz, Customer Service Manager  //  330-716-1105  //  becky@regionalchamber.com

Nancy Kuzenko, Account Executive, Anthem

The Healthcare team can provide details on workplace safety rules and processes, compliance with county health departments, updates on current facts and figures related to COVID-19, as well as access to relative service providers and PPE suppliers and manufacturers that are coming to market.


Shea MacMillan, Manager of Business Development  //  330-360-9299  //  shea@regionalchamber.com

Ed Muransky, CEO, Southwoods Health

With legislation at the federal, state and local level coming at a rate not seen in years, these new laws will play a critical role in helping businesses and individuals weather the storm financially through the COVID-19 pandemic. In particular, new programs allowing for emergency SBA loans, payroll protection and sick leave all should be considered when planning the next steps your business or organization takes to not only survive, but thrive, during this tenuous time.


Atty. Vito Abruzzino, VP of Defense Programs  //  330-219-3081  //  vito@regionalchamber.com

Atty. Martha Bushey, Manchester, Newman & Bennett

The Business team remains informed, can address specific industry issues and provide resources related to regulatory changes, workforce programs, access to service providers or supply chain and general business assistance.                                                   


Sarah Boyarko, COO  //  330-506-6220  //  sarah@regionalchamber.com

Eric Shuster, President, Vallourec Star

The Government Affairs team is working around the clock with local, state and federal officials on policies that are beneficial to the Chamber's member businesses. The team can connect businesses to various government agencies and provide assistance in finding specific information.


Guy Coviello, Foundation President  //  330-550-5258  //  guy@regionalchamber.com

Representatives of the Valley's state and federal elected delegations 

The Marketing team ensures that important information is communicated to businesses during the COVID-19 crisis and maintains a reference page of resources at regionalchamber.com. The team can help answer questions about utilizing Chamber membership benefits to help promote your business during this time and also provide guidance that is relative to advertising, branding and more.


Kim Calvert, VP of Marketing & Member Services  //  330-506-1352  //  kim@regionalchamber.com

Esther Buschau, Director of Corporate Marketing, The Cafaro Co.

No matter your question, or if you're not sure where it may fall within this list, we encourage businesses to call nonetheless so that our team can make every effort to help during this unprecedented time. We will work through this. We will help you through this. Together, We Will EMERGE.