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JobsNow Workforce Initiative

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Nick Santucci

Education & Workforce Development Director

330.744.2131, ext. 1103


The Issue: Demand for Skilled Labor vs. Supply of Workforce Ready Employees

The JobsNow Workforce Initiative was created to help close the gap between the demand for skilled labor and the supply of workforce-ready employees in the Valley. Skilled employees are needed to meet the growing demand for manufacturing, communications and energy jobs in the region.

The Goal: Connect Qualified Workers to Employers

JobsNow will create and establish a promotion of available jobs for Chamber members, provide workforce data to local educators in order to encourage occupations where there is a predicted shortfall and assess candidates for job fit and readiness.

Publicize available jobs: Partner and local CBS-affiliate WKBN will promote in-demand jobs and openings on news telecasts on a weekly basis. Designed to reach a wide range of the employable population, the segments will make the public aware of current job opportunities and prompt them to contact the company’s human resource department or point of contact in order to apply and seek additional information. Click here to watch all videos

Connect qualified workers to employers: Drug testing will be available for Chamber business members for their potential applicants at no cost to the employer. This process will ensure eligibility of potential employees and allow employers to efficiently and effectively proceed to fill their workplace needs.

Attracting Talent & Prepare the future workforce: Attracting qualified and capable human capital into the Valley is often difficult for many employers in the community. The JobsNow Program can help with incentivizing out of area applicants to move into the Valley in order to fill the workforce demands of our Chamber member businesses.

Data Collection: The JobsNow initiative is also designed to provide the local educational system, including colleges, career and technical centers and skilled training programs, with real data on the current and future demands of each career field in order to update respective course offerings and degrees to satisfy the workforce needs.