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Be Involved in Growing our Region

The Regional Chamber offers businesses many ways to be involved in the economic health of our region.  From hosting programs and events to having one-on-one meetings about the topics that interest you, the Regional Chamber is here to help your business succeed. 

Please help us attract, retain and grow businesses in our area by completing one/all of our surveys, listed below.  These confidential surveys provide data which we can use to connect businesses to one another, as well as bring new opportunities here. 

Your input is valuable and greatly appreciated. Please share this request with anyone in your company able to complete these surveys.

  • Starting Wages and Benefits Survey is a valuable tool that we use in the attracting companies to the Mahoning Valley as well as helping local firms determine competitive wage rate.  Since occupation pay rates and benefits can differ across industries and by size of firm, this survey provides a comprehensive look at our local compensation offerings.

  • OH-PA Stateline Export Initiative Survey gathers information about your current exporting environment and details on your supply chain.  Please take this survey whether you are a current exporter or not as the information you provide will assist us in tailoring our offerings to meet your needs.  Details provided here will help to match you with oversees firms looking for your product or service as well as expanding your current domestic customer base.  

  • (supply chain- a component part of the Export survey) We are frequently asked to provide listings of companies in our region that can provide specific products or have specific production capabilities.  The second section of this survey requests your company information on those specific items that we provide to companies to assist in their supply chain strategy.

  • YWRC/YBI Additive Manufacturing Survey asks a few questions about your interest and capabilities for integrating Additive Manufacturing into your business process.  Your answers will be followed up by contact from the Regional Chamber or YBI as to how we can best assist you. (online) (pdf)